The Compliance Process

  • Register your pool with your local council.
  • The council will send you a letter of confirmation and designate your applicable barrier standard.
  • We come to inspect your pool barrier to the relevant safety standards.
  • You correct any issues with your safety barrier, and we re-inspect it before issuing your compliance certificate.
  • We will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance for you to lodge with your local council.
  • We will contact you in 4 years for your next inspection.

Victoria’s Councils & Shires

All Victorian swimming pools and spas must have a safety barrier to restrict access to the poolside area by children. Properties with a swimming pool or spa have a legal obligation to ensure that they maintain swimming pool and spa safety barriers to reduce the risk of unsupervised children gaining access. Residents must also ensure these barriers are always closed except when entering the pool or spa. These legal obligations apply to all swimming pools and spas in Victoria.
You can register your swimming pool or spa with the Council via the applicable council’s website in most cases.
Keep Safe Pool Fence Inspections services all councils and shires in Victoria.

Click on your Council or Shire to register your Swimming Pool or Spa.

Areas we Service.

Keep Safe Pool Fence Inspections complete swimming pool barrier safety inspections across the greater Melbourne area, the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and Regional Victoria.
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