Swimming Pool Inspection

Swimming Pool Inspection in Melbourne

Inadequate pool barriers can lead to potentially fatal accidents, emphasising the pressing need for thorough inspections and maintenance. At Keep Safe Pool Fence Inspections, we understand the importance of this responsibility, which is why we offer swimming pool barrier inspection services to help safeguard lives and uphold regulatory standards. You can rely on us to ensure your pool is compliant with Victoria’s stringent safety barrier regulations, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

A Team of Fully Qualified Professionals

Keep Safe Pool Fence Inspections employs a team of qualified professionals equipped with extensive knowledge of safety codes and standards. Our inspectors will closely evaluate every aspect of the pool barrier, including fences, gates and latches, allowing for any potential hazards or deficiencies to be identified.

During the inspection process, we’ll assess the structural integrity of your pool barrier to ensure it’s capable of withstanding external forces and remaining intact in all weather conditions. We’ll also scrutinise the height and spacing of fence components to prevent unauthorised entry, especially by young children and pets.


In-Depth Knowledge of Laws & Guidelines

We prioritise adherence to local regulations governing pool safety. Our inspectors possess in-depth knowledge of applicable laws and guidelines, enabling us to pinpoint areas of non-compliance and recommend corrective measures. In addition to identifying existing hazards, our inspectors can offer valuable suggestions for enhancing overall safety measures, such as installing extra barriers or implementing safety signage. By organising a swimming pool fence inspection in Melbourne, you can reduce the risk of accidents and avoid costly penalties resulting from regulatory violations.

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